Industrial Safety Technology

Redbusbar develops safety products and systems for:

Verification of Isolation

  • Voltage Indicator LEDs - DeadEasy.  MCC based, panel mounted voltage indicator
  • Switch Identifier - RightSwitch.  Field located, panel mounted voltage indicator
  • Isolation Switch Tester - SwitChek.  Field located, panel mounted isolation indicator

Live Electrical Testing

  • Wireless Voltmeter - CircuitSpy - 3 phase AC & DC, WiFi voltmeter

Critical Checklists and Inspections

  • Checklist App - LaserList Mobile App. Barcode identification.

Lockout Tagout and Isolation Procedures

  • Electrical Lockouts - SwitchFix locks.  Circuit Breaker handle lockout devices.
  • Relay Lockouts - RelayFix locks.  Earth leakage relay lockout devices.
  • Lockout Tagout Software - IsolationPoint Software. Windows PC & PDA.  Barcode identification.