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DeadEasy is a switchboard mounted, voltage indicator that includes a self test function.  It is a 3 phase indicator that is primarily used to verify safety isolations as part of a lockout procedure.

DeadEasy three phase indicator tests an electrical circuit by sensing the existence or absence of an electric field surrounding the electrical phase conductors.  In essence, DeadEasy is a permanently installed, non-contact, three phase indicator.

DeadEasy on a healthy isolation switch / circuit breaker / disconnect.

DeadEasy on a faulty isolation switch / circuit breaker / disconnect.

DeadEasy Unique Benefits

Positive Indication on Deenergisation

The green LED is illuminated when the circuit is dead / deenergised.  This rules out the question - Did the lamp fail as I turned the switch off or is the led indicating that the power is really off?

True Self Test Function

While the power is off and the green LED is illuminated, initiating a self test momentarily illuminates the red LED.  However, the self test is not just a test of the red LED function.  The self test initiates a momentary test signal onto all three sensing conductors.  Using this approach the correct function of the sensing conductors, logic processing unit, red LED and all interconnecting wiring is confirmed.  A true self test!  

Non-contact Sensing

DeadEasy sensing conductors do not electrically connect to the power circuit under test.  The insulated sensing conductors are wrapped around the insulated power conductors during installation.  This approach eradicates the risk of the voltage detector introducing a weak point into your power system.  A weak link than can break catastrophically during power system voltage surges and elevated switchboard temperatures.  Just ask your self - Why introduce a safety device that potentially introduces a new safety risk?

More DeadEasy Information?

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DeadEasy31 Kit
DeadEasy31 Kit
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Electrical Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification, Test for Dead Test Device - Kit for 1 Isolation Switch
Including One DeadEasy (DE31), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface (DE31HMI), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface cable (DE31HMIC), Two DeadEasy Instrument cables (DE31IC)for 1 Isolation Switch
USD 411.76
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