Lockout Tagout and Isolation Procedures

Redbusbar develops products and systems to ensure the safety and improve the efficiency of lockout tagout, also known as isolation procedures.  Isolation procedures ensure that energy sources have been removed prior to a worker performing maintenance work on equipment.  Lockout tagout procedures tend to be performed by trained workers in an effort to minimise mistakes.  However, the risk of undetected equipment failure and human error is real as evidenced by regular incidents.  We believe that safety and efficiency can be improved at the same time through innovation.

Verification of Isolation

  • Voltage Indicator LEDs - DeadEasy.  MCC / Switchboard, panel mounted, three phase, voltage indicator.  The DeadEasy voltage indicator measures the presence and absence of voltage on the load side of a switch before and after operating the isolator to confirm that it is in fact the switch that is breaking the circuit.  DeadEasy is switchboard mounted typically adjacent to the disconnect.
  • Remote Isolation Indicator - RightSwitch.  Field / Remote, panel mounted, three phase, isolation indicator.  RightSwitch is an optional add on to DeadEasy.  It provides continuous indication in the field, local to the equipment being maintained, that it is isolated. 
  • Isolation Switch Tester - SwitChek.  Portable / Panel mounted, three phase, insulation resistance tester.  SwitChek verifies that an isolation switch or circuit breaker is open.  It does this by applying 500VDC to the line side of the disconnect whilst measuring leakage on the load side of the disconnect.

Live Electrical Testing

  • Wireless Voltmeter - CircuitSpy - 3 phase AC & DC, WiFi voltmeter.  CircuitSpy is available as both a portable and permanently installed voltmeter that delivers 8 channels of voltage measurements to a wifi connected web browser.

Critical Checklists and Inspections

  • Checklist App - LaserList Mobile App. Barcode identification.  LaserList elinates the risk of human error when following checklists by requiring both human and a barcode method of verifying that each checklist item has been performed correctly.

LOTO Lockouts and Software

  • Electrical Lockouts - SwitchFix locks.  Circuit Breaker and switch handle lockout devices.
  • Relay Lockouts - RelayFix locks.  Earth leakage relay lockout devices.
  • Lockout Tagout Software - IsolationPoint Software. Windows PC & PDA.  Barcode identification.