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DeadEasy32 Kit

DeadEasy32 Kit
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USD 380.25
Electrical Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification, Test for Dead Test Device - Kit for 1 Isolation Switch
Including One DeadEasy (DE32), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface (DE32HMI), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface cable (DE32HMIC), Two DeadEasy Instrument cables (DE32IC)for 1 Isolation Switch
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(7 reviews)  

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Jamie Laine - Dominion Generation, Clover Power Station, Virginia, USA
Jul 8, 2016
Both units installed relatively easily per the instructions. Both worked correctly with no problems.

I suspect that demand for these devices will increase as Lockout Tagout programs evolve in industry. For us, we have found a few instances when the breaker or disconnect did not open even though the outside handle was showing in the disconnect position. This led to a policy change where an electrician must come behind the operator to “meter check” that the breaker or switch did actually open. That extra step can add a lot of time to otherwise routine maintenance jobs. The DeadEasy removes the need for an electrician and the associated delay.

We will probably be purchasing more in the future.
Van Wyk Electric Pty Ltd
Nov 24, 2019
A product that was delivered quickly and as described
Gary Martin
Nov 6, 2019
I give my full endorsement to Redbusbar they respond very quickly with pricing and delivery.
Gary Martin
Senior Electrical Engineer.
C&C Industries
Nov 6, 2019
Ordering the product online was very easy. I was happy with the product. thank you.
Greg McIntyre
Nov 6, 2019
Excellent service - fast delivery