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SwitChek is an automatic, isolation switch / circuit breaker / disconnect testing device. SwitChek tests switches that are "off" to confirm that they provide effective electrical isolation.  SwitChek aims to provide non-electrical people with a simple and safe method of verifying field based, electrical isolations before conducting mechanical maintenance.  See DeadEasy for switchboard isolation verification.

Testing can be performed on a switch or circuit breaker, thats line side, is either alive or dead, energised or deenergised.

It is simple and fast to use. No licenses are necessary. Anyone can operate SwitChek.

SwitChek tests the isolating switch or circuit breaker by injecting 500VDC on the supply side of the switch and monitoring for current leakage on the load side of the switch.  In essence, SwitChek performs an insulation resistance check across all three phases of an isolation switch. 

SwitChek is implemented in a fixed mode, that is one SwitChek dedicated to one switch or circuit breaker.  It is ideally suited to installation on large switches and circuit breakers or for frequently isolated equipment.

To operate SwitChek, press the ?Test? button. The switch is tested in 10 seconds. A green light indicates an isolating switch pass and a red light indicates isolating switch failure.

SwitChek Operation Videos - Requires Sound

Turn your sound up and click on the links below to view a short video of SwitChek in action ...

This first video illustrates the SwitChek result achieved when a healthy isolation switch / circuit breaker is tested...

This second video illustrates the SwitChek result achieved when a faulty isolation switch / circuit breaker is tested.

This third video illustrates that SwitChek can be configured to automatically initite a test of isolation switch / circuit breaker when the device is isolated.

This fourth video illustrates that SwitChek can be configured to remotely report  the result of a healthy isolation switch / circuit breaker test.

If the above videos do not work you can download them from the following links.  Requires Windows Media player 9+.

Download ... Switcheck Healthy Isolation (967kB)

Download ... Switcheck Faulty Isolation (967kB)

Download ... Switcheck Audit (979kB)

Download ... Switcheck Auto (1039kB)

SwitChek Benefits

Users have commented that SwitChek:

  • Allows non-electricians to stress test an isolation switch.

  • Is simple to use.

  • Provides a clear result in dirty and dark environments.

  • Automatically tests the switch the moment the switch is turned off.

  • Provides remote, test result indication so that a control room operator can verify that the correct switch has been isolated. In addition, remote, test result indication provides, if logged, an audit trail to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

  • Is a whole current, confirmation of isolation method.

  • When housed in an Ex d enclosure, it is suitable for use in hazardous areas.

What is Isolation Confirmation?

Electrical Isolation Procedures / Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Procedures often require that electrical switches be tested so as to confirm that the switch is "electrically off" once the equipment has been isolated.  Confirmation or verification is often performed on the following isolating equipment:

  • Isolation Switches

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit Breakers (CBs)

Typical Isolation Procedure testing methods include:

  • Testing Dead or Test for Dead

  • Attempt Start

  • Observation of Visual Break Isolators (VBIs)

  • Pilot lamp indication of energised phases

In many cases these isolation verification methods are complex, potentially misleading and expensive to perform.

SwitChek exposes unsafe electrical isolations by detecting a failed isolation switch.

SwitChek Implementation Arrangement Photos

Click on the link below to view a powerpoint slide presentation depicting the various SwitChek implementation arrangements ...

SwitChek Implementation Arrangement Photos... (4.7Mb)

More SwitChek Information?

Visit the Product Information page for detailed technical information including Data Sheet, Operating Manual and Installation Drawings.

Visit the Switchek FAQs page for typical SwitChek questions and answers.

Altenatively, you can ask your own question by contacting us using one of the methods described on the Contact Us page.

More "Confirming Electrical Isolations" Information?

The "Confirming Electrical Isolations" in the Technical Paper section presents a full analysis of:

  • Why you need to confirm electrical isolations

  • What options are available to confirm electrical isolations

  • What you need to consider when deciding on a method for confirm electrical isolations

  • Industry Best Practice methods for confirming electrical isolations


SwitChek33 Fixed Installation Kit
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Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification Test Device SwitCheck Fixed Test Device Kit comprising One SwitChek Fixed unit and 2 SwitChek33i interface modules.

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SwitChek33 Portable Installation Kit
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Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification Test Device SwitCheck Portable Test Device Kit comprising Two Interface Modules, One Panel Mount Interface Connector, One Battery Charger and One Portable Test Device.
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