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LaserList FAQs

This page provides some frequently asked questions and answers on LaserList Checklist Mobile App.

LaserList Execute List Items Screen

Why do I need LaserList?

LaserList is applicable if your checklist is important and it involves "things".

LaserList uses cross checking techniques to ensure that your tick lists are done correctly and it virtually eliminates errors due to the misreading or skipping of list items.


What is so special about LaserList?

LaserList tick list software was designed to:

  • Improve the execution accuracy of paper based check lists.  

  • Be used in conjunction with a paper based list, not instead of a paper based list.  This allowed LaserList to be simple in its use, flexible in its application to different list types and lightweight in terms of its hardware platform.  

  • Provide a digital record of executed checklists for analysis and archiving purposes.

  • Be easily implemented into a new or existing checklist system.



Why is LaserList different to the competition?

LaserList is different to the competition because:

  • LaserList is inexpensive to purchase.  It uses simple client hardware (mobile devices), standard server hardware (computer with an email client) and software costs are trivial.

  • LaserList is inexpensive to implement.  Barcodes can be generated free on line.  They can then be copy and pasted into checklist documents.  Physical barcodes can be produced simply by using an office printer on adhesive labels or by using commercial screen print, engraving or laser etching technologies. 

  • LaserList is inexpensive to use.  Special training is not necessary and there are no annual license fees or operating costs. 


Where would I use LaserList?

LaserList is applicable if your checklist is important and it involves "things".  Example lists include:

  • Lockout Tagout and Isolation Procedures

  • Machine and Plant Pre Start Checks ( Trucks, Power Stations, Sewage Treatment, Food and Beverage )

  • Equipment Inspections and Audits ( Bridges, Railway Crossings, Jettys, Substations, Dams, Reservoirs )

  • Packing Lists and Freight Manifests ( Remote Area Expeditions, Race Team Inventory )

  • Building and Site Security Patrolling

  • Emergency Equipment Inspections ( Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, Booster Pumps, Hydrants ) 


Can I use LaserList without carrying the paper tick list?

Yes.  But probably only for simple check lists as LaserList checklist content is limited - deliberately.  If your check list incorporates special instructions, notes, images or requires signatures then that detail will still be available on your paper check list which you will need to carry with you. 


Why should I use document based check lists and LaerList rather than adopting a client / server / cloud software system?

A paper based check list and LaserList may be preferred over mobile devices that synchronise with a server for the following reasons:

  • Trivial capital cost and no ongoing costs.  You are are not locked into a vendor's ongoing licensing fee

  • Low setup costs.  Existing check lists don't need to be imported into a vendor's proprietry database format

  • Retain control over check list original versions on site.  No concerns with data integrity, corruption, backups and confidentiality

  • Fast to implement.  Integrates with existing IT hardware and security.  No additional usernames, security policies, backups and administration

  • Minimal user training.  Your don't have to train server system administrators and super users

All of this means less pushback from your IT department and huge savings in time and cost


Do I need a smart phone or cell phone for LaserList?

No.  The use of a mobile device as the scanning hardware does not necessarily require a smart phone.  An inexpensive WiFi enabled tablet allocated to individuals or groups would be sufficient.  If this approach is used the report email will be queued for sending but won’t actually be sent until the tablet is within a WiFi area.


Does the mobile barcode scanning actually work?

Yes.  If you can photgraph it with your mobile device, you can scan it.  Try these tips:

  • Use your fingers to cover up barcodes on your checklist that you don’t want to scan.
  • Start with your mobile really close to the target barcode and withdraw your phone slowly until the barcode comes into focus.

Use of barcodes of all shapes and sizes are possible even when the barcodes are small and close to each other like they are on a paper check list.  With some practise and using a finger blocking technique, the sample thickener list can be scanned in approximately 15 seconds.  Only use the flashlight option for dark locations.  It will slow the scanning process unnecessarily if used in normally lit conditions.  


Why use email for the sending of execution reports?

The sending of completed lists via email means that syncing of data does not require special hardware or server side data collection software.  In addition, basic email search capabilities are well understood by most email users eg searches and sorting by sender, date, which makes auditing simple.


Can I use LaserList for lists that must be completed in a certain order?

Yes.  The Sequence List tick box on the Settings page toggles between lists that must be completed in sequence order and those lists that can be completed in any sequence. 


How can I speed up the scanning of my check list into LaserList?

Simply use the Batch Build capability.  A batch build allows the entry of the list name and all of the list items in one list by scanning only one bar code.  The list name and all list items need to be encoded into the one barcode using the following format:

*list name,list item 1,list item 2,list item 3,list item 4,list item 5,list item 6.

The following special characters are used for identifying a Batch Build list:

* - start identifier

, - field separator

. – end identifier


What will LaserList run on?

LaserList is intended for handheld iOS and Android devices.  

Specifically iOS 7 and later including the iPhone 4, iPod Touch (5th generation), the iPad 2 onwards, and the iPad Mini (1st generation) onwards.

Specifically Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later.


More LaserList Information?

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