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LaserList is a checklist app that uses barcodes to help you perform checklists accurately.  It can be used as a simple tick list or to enhance a comprehensive, document based, check list system.  LaserList is different because it:

  • Reduces operator error by using barcodes to identify list items
  • Encourages thorough check list execution by requiring real visits to inspection locations in order to scan barcodes
  • Provides a digital record of completed check lists
  • Is simple and inexpensive because a server application, stand alone or cloud based, is not required 

Download LaserList Free

Android app on Google Play

Android app on Google Play


Typical LaserList applications include:
  • Lockout Tagout / Isolation Procedures / Control of Hazardous Energy Sources
  • Pre-start checks eg truck pre trip inspection, forklift pre shift check, vehicle pre start checklist, excavator startup checklist, plant pre production checks, manufacturing shift checks 
  • Packing lists / Equipment manifests
  • Building security checks / guard tours
  • Equipment inspections eg bridge inspections, routine substation checkslists, railway crossing audits
  • Fire Fighting / Fire Detection equipment audits eg fire exinguishers, smoke detectors
In essence, if your checklist is important and it involves "things", LaserList is for you.
Usage Overview
Usage is simple:
  • Build check lists quickly by scanning your check list barcode 
  • Perform check lists accurately by scanning barcodes on equipment to tick off, checklist items 
When you finish your checklist, your manager or customer is emailed a report detailing the who, what, when and where of your completed ticklist.

Usage Detail

Prior to the use of LaserList, existing paper checklists are first modified by adding a barcode that encompasses the checklist name and each check list item.  In addition, physical items referred to in the list are fitted with a barcode.  The physical item barcode may be a product barcode, equipment barcode or passenger barcode.  Online barcode generation tools are freely available for use in common word processing and spreadsheet applications.    

Before the check list is executed, the list barcode on the paper checklist is scanned.  This task builds the check list within the LaserList application.  

To execute the checklist, the user reads the first list item, locates the physical item by its label and then scans the item’s barcode.  If the scanned physical item matches a LaserList list item, the LaserList list item is ticked.  If it doesn’t agree, the user is alerted immediately to the mismatch.  After successfully locating and scanning all of the list items the user is notified that the checklist is complete.  In addition, the completed list items, including corresponding timestamps for when the item was scanned, are emailed to a user defined email address.   In this way completed lists from one or more users may be stored in one centralised email account.

If LaserList is used in conjunction with a document based checklist the paper based list can provide additional information (location, quantities, instructions) and collect additional information (signatures, comments).  In this way LaserList simply verifies item identification and list sequence to eliminate human errors during execution.  In addition, it provides an emailed record of events that could be used for reporting and analysis purposes.

The requirement to scan barcodes attached to physical items while executing a check list means that you must visit or be in possession of the correct equipment.  While you are reading the tick list and scanning barcodes you are using both human and machine, cross checking methods.  This is the secret to avoiding mistakes. 

LaserList Free is fully featured and is free to download and use, but is limited to performing five check lists per month. LaserList is unlimited.  Both LaserList Free and LaserList are available for Apple and Android smart phones / cellphones.


Document based checklist systems are common place.  They are easy to build, modify, secure and store.  They are also inexpensive.  However, during execution they are prone to user errors such as the skipping of list items or mistakes such as the misreading of physical labels.  Lazy execution is also possible by supporting a "tick and flick" approach.  Following execution, analysing, reporting and archiving of completed paper checklists are cumbersome at best.

Digital checklist, software systems incorporating client / server / cloud technologies are also commonly available.  They are more complex to build, modify, secure and store.  They are also expensive.  However, during execution they can make use of technologies to reduce user mistakes.  In addition, client / server / cloud syncing facilities make analysing, reporting and archiving of completed checklists simple.

In summary, document based checklist systems are simple to establish but are challenging to use and administer.  Digital checklist, software systems on the other hand are problematic to initiate but convenient to use and administer.

So the ideal checklist system would be easy to establish, secure and low cost just like a document based system.  It would also reduce execution errors, simplify the analysing and archiving of completed checklists just like a digital, software based checklist system.

LaserList aims to upgrade a document based checklist system to be the best of both worlds.

More LaserList Information?

Visit the LaserList FAQs page for typical LaserList, checklist app questions and answers.

Application Guides and Examples

Download ... Barcode Guide (119kB) to find out how to add barcodes to your checklist items using free web tools and how to add barcodes to your physical items.

Download ... Thickener Lockout Procedure (161kB) for a sample isolation procedure incorporating barcodes that allows you to try out LaserList with your smartphone / cellphone.

Download ... Bus Daily Inspection Procedure (123kB) for a sample bus daily inspection procedure incorporating barcodes that allows you to try out LaserList with your smartphone / cellphone.

Download ... Forklift Daily Inspection Procedure (128kB) for a sample forklift daily inspection procedure incorporating barcodes that allows you to try out LaserList with your smartphone / cellphone.

Download ... Light Vehicle Daily Inspection Procedure (122kB) for a sample light vehicle daily inspection procedure incorporating barcodes that allows you to try out LaserList with your smartphone / cellphone.