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RelayFix is a relay locking device.  RelayFix prevents unauthorised resetting or adjustment of protection relays by preventing access to the instrument face.  However, RelayFix allows the state of the relay to be observed even when in the locked state.  Some relays incorporate anti tamper seals that identify that unauthorised access has occurred.  RelayFix, on the other hand, stops unauthorised access outright!

Users have commented that RelayFix instrument lockouts:

  • Prevents unauthorised resetting of protection relays

  • Prevents unauthorised adjustment of protection relay trip settings

  • Provides additional instrument mechanical protection

  • Are easy to fit. Just a screwdriver is needed

  • Offers a tough, rust proof construction

RelayFix Features

You can be sure that RelayFix instrument locks will stand the test of time as they incorporate the following features:

  • 316 Stainless Steel construction

  • No drilling or additional hardware is necessary to install RelayFix

  • Heavy duty hinge.

  • Two lock holes that accommodate conventional padlocks incorporating up to a 9mm diameter shackle.


RelayLockout - Ampcontrol ELD
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Relay lockout or instrument lock out for Ampcontrol ELD Earth Leakage Device. (ELD Relay not included)

AUD 195.00
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