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Remote Isolation Indicator

RightSwitch ensures that the correct switch is isolated prior to working on electrical equipment.
RightSwitch matches field located equipment to its associated MCC mounted, isolation switch / disconnect.  It also adds remote indication to a DeadEasy installation. In combination, they provide lockout procedure, isolation verification prior to working on electrical equipment.  In essence, it prevents lockout of the wrong disconnect and therefore the risk of working on energised equipment. 

RightSwitch Multiple Isolation Officer

RightSwitch Single Isolation Officer


RightSwitch Unique Benefits

Field Isolation Indication

Local indication of equipment power status in the field.  Reassuring workers that the power is off during maintenance work 

Single or Multiple Isolation Officers

A field isolation officer simply witnesses Field Panel LED transitions that coincide with MCC isolation officer actions. Alternatively, a single isolation officer uses the key switch and amber LED to prove the correlation between isolation switch and remote plant

Positive Matching of Switch and Equipment

RightSwitch LED transitions coincide with isolation officer actions.  Allows robust identity checks even during simultaneous lockout procedures

More RightSwitch Information?

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