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RightSwitch ensures that the correct switch is isolated prior to working on electrical equipment.  It is a 3 phase, panel mounted, remote isolation indicator that incorporates a self test feature.
RightSwitch matches field located equipment to its associated MCC mounted, isolation switch / disconnect.  It also adds remote isolation indication to a DeadEasy installation. In combination, they provide lockout procedure, isolation verification prior to working on electrical equipment.  In essence, it prevents lockout of the wrong disconnect and working on energised equipment. 

RightSwitch Multiple Isolation Officer

RightSwitch Single Isolation Officer


RightSwitch Unique Benefits

Remote Isolation Indication

Integration with DeadEasy facilitates field isolation indication of equipment. The continuous green LED reassures maintenance workers local to the remote equipment that the power is off.

Single or Multiple Isolation Officers

When an Isolation Officer can be stationed at the MCC and another officer at the field equipment simultaneously, the field isolation officer simply witnesses LED transitions that coincide with MCC isolation officer actions. On the other hand, a single Isolation Officer simply uses the key switch and amber LED to prove the correlation between isolation switch and remote plant

Positive Matching of Switch and Equipment

Integration with DeadEasy facilitates RightSwitch LED transitions. It allows robust identity checks even during simultaneous lockout procedures

RightSwitch Other Benefits

  • Is simple to install.  Preassembled MCC indicator. Relocate the DeadEasy indicator, mount the RightSwitch indicator, add CAT V cable, plug and play!
  • Has wide application.  RightSwitch is suitable for new and retrofit installations and dusty, low and high ambient light environments.
  • Identify correct remote isolation switches without needing to start equipment ie inconvenient if equipment loaded with material or bogged.
  • Is flexible.  RightSwitch allows subsequent verifications without reversal of the isolation ie accommodates late working parties.
  • Leverages new or existing DeadEasy installations. Utilises common cable and simple installation methods.
  • Field indicator equipment IP65.

DeadEasy System

DeadEasy System

DeadEasy and RightSwitch System

DeadEasy System

RightSwitch Background

RightSwitch is applicable where an isolating switch that is located on an MCC, within a switchroom, controls equipment located in the field, remote from the switchroom.  It is typical that the switch is one of many in the MCC and the electrical equipment is one of many in the field.  It is therefore possible, through error, to switch off the wrong switch and work on unisolated and therefore energised equipment that could be operated remotely at any time.

RightSwitch would often be used by non-electrical personnel prior to performing non-electrical maintenance.  However, electricians performing electrical work may also appreciate the simplicity by which the correct switch can be identified without resorting to electrical test methods.

RightSwitch is an “add on” system to a DeadEasy installation. It integrates with DeadEasy and uses similar principles to ensure instrument integrity so as to report accurate information.

RightSwitch facilitates lockout procedures involving both single and multiple isolation officers.  Single isolation officers utilise the key switch and LED indicator as part of the isolation procedure.  In the case of multiple isolation officers, one in the field and another at the MCC, they need not use the key switch and LED indicator as Field Panel, green and red LED transitions can be simultaneously matched with isolation switch transitions.

RightSwitch Flyer

RightSwitch Data Sheet

RightSwitch Installation & Operation Manual