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DeadEasy is a 3 phase, switchboard mounted, voltage indicator that incorporates functional safety design.  It is used to verify that an electrical isolation switch is open, as part of a lockout procedure.

DeadEasy Operation Video

DeadEasy Features Video

Visit the DeadEasy page for more DeadEasy benefits, operation, application, data sheet, operating manual and installation drawing.

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DeadEasy32 Kit
(7 reviews)  
Electrical Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification, Test for Dead Test Device - Kit for 1 Isolation Switch
Including One DeadEasy (DE32), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface (DE32HMI), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface cable (DE32HMIC), Two DeadEasy Instrument cables (DE32IC)for 1 Isolation Switch
USD 415.73