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Voltage Indicator LEDs

Voltage indicator LEDs are 3 phase, switchboard mounted, power indicator lights.  They are used to verify that an electrical isolation switch, circuit breaker or disconnect is open, as part of a lockout procedure.  So they are normally used to determine a lack of voltage presence.  In other words, voltage absence.  Voltage indicator LEDs are also known as:

  • 3 Phase indicator lights / 3 Phase indicator LEDs / 3 Phase indicator lamps 
  • Live line indicator lights / Live line indicator LEDs / Live line indicator lamps
  • Mains indicators lights / Mains indicator LEDs / Mains indicators lamps 
  • Power indicators lights / Power indicator LEDs / Power indicator lamps 

The DeadEasy voltage indicator is permanently installed in an electrical panel and incorporates a self test facility.  It provides positive indication (Green LED) when the switch is off (voltage absence) and positive indication (Red LED) when the switch is on (voltage presence). 

Visit the DeadEasy page for DeadEasy videos, benefits, application, operation, data sheet, operating manual and installation drawing.

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DeadEasy32 Kit
(7 reviews)  

Electrical Isolation Confirmation / Isolation Verification, Test for Dead Test Device - Kit for 1 Isolation Switch

Including One DeadEasy (DE32), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface (DE32HMI), One DeadEasy Human Machine Interface cable (DE32HMIC), Two DeadEasy Instrument cables (DE32IC) for 1 Isolation Switch

USD 383.54