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CircuitSpy allows any worker with a smart phone to measure voltages within a closed electrical panel.
CircuitSpy measures the voltages at each of its feed through terminals and reports the measurements, via WiFi, to a web browser.
Zero exposure to energised equipment = No electric shock risk, nor arc flash risk.  This means that working live, live electrical work and live testing is no longer necessary with CircuitSpy.

CircuitSpy Portable Comms Module

CircuitSpy Fixed Comms Module


CircuitSpy Unique Benefits

Practical for the Professional Electrician

A multichannel device for real-world three phase, single phase AC and DC voltages.  Connect to all of your test nodes in one go, close the panel door, energise, measure and diagnose the fault.  In effect it eliminates working live, live electrical work and live testing.

Portable and Fixed Versions

Portable Comms Module incorporates test leads, DIN rail terminal test pins and magnetic electrode connections for use in temporary installations when fault finding or commissioning.  

Fixed Comms Module incorporates feed through terminals and is DIN rail mounted, so it can be used as a direct replacement for DIN rail mount, feed through terminals for use in permament installations in hard to reach / inconvenient to access areas.  

Simple and Flexible

Web browser accessed, no special software ie App needed.  Accessible from laptop, notebook, tablet or smart phone.

More CircuitSpy Information?

Visit the CircuitSpy page for more CircuitSpy benefits, operation, application, data sheet, operating manual and installation drawing 

Visit the CircuitSpy FAQs page for typical CircuitSpy, wireless voltmeter questions and answers.

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CircuitSpy80 - Portable Comms Module
(0 reviews)  

Wireless Voltmeter / Voltage Measuring Terminal, CircuitSpy80 - Portable WiFi Comms Module

USD 363.92
CircuitSpy80 - Fixed Comms Module
(0 reviews)  

Wireless Voltmeter / Voltage Measuring Terminal, CircuitSpy80 - Fixed WiFi Comms Module

USD 327.16
CircuitSpy80 - Portable Comms Module Kit
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Wireless Voltmeter / Voltage Measuring Terminal, CircuitSpy80 - Portable Comms Module Kit

Including Portable Comms Module, 1 x 3 Lead Rd Bk Gr, 1 x 2 Lead Bu Yl, 1 x 3 Lead Bu Yl Gr, 1 x 2 Lead Rd Bk, 4 x Crocodile Clips, 4 x DIN Rail Terminal Test Probes, 4 x Magnet Electrodes and Carry Case

USD 753.58
Market price: USD 782.99 save 4%